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Pienza, City of Light


Pienza (SI) – Italy


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The territorial marketing project designed to optimise the beauty and the utopia of the ideal Renaissance city

Pienza, the ideal Renaissance city dreamed up by the humanist Enea Silvio Piccolomini, Pope Pius II, sits untouched by time in the dazzling landscape of the Val d’Orcia. The theme of light, crucial in the Pope’s architectural conception of his city, is evoked by the poet Mario Luzi who turned to this area for his inspiration on numerous occasions.

“A clear, immense valley… Infinity written and erased
in the sky and in that open land, a thousand times a day. Everything
beckons me here, because here one achieves the apex of solitude,
yet, at the same time, a truly genuine opportunity for dialogue!”

“All inclusive Pass”, a single ticket admitting the holder to the Piccolomini Palace and Garden, the Borgia Palace and its Diocesan Museum, the Crypt with its Labyrinth, and the Cathedral. The Pass also includes an audio-guide for full immersion in history and art.

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