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Opera Laboratori’s upholstery workshop offers its skills and professional expertise for the design and production of textile apparatuses for museums, theatres and professional and private entertainment venues. The workshop’s highly skilled professionals still keep alive the unique features of this ancient trade today while combining them with a mastery of modern workmanship embracing the use of new materials and methodologies. Working in a synergy with the company’s other departments, its work contributes to the development and production of stage sets and exhibition layouts.
The Workshop specialises in renovating historical upholstery in its original style when its condition is too poor to withstand traditional restoration. In such cases, meticulous study of the materials and techniques used in the original upholstering operation allows us to formulate and conduct the new operation in a manner as close to the original item as possible.
Our skilled craftsmen and women are qualified both to produce from scratch and to replace natural and synthetic padding and fabric, leather or other upholstery for such items of upholstered furniture as sofas, armchairs, chairs, bedheads and other kinds of drums and looms, which can also be produced to the customer’s design. They are renowned for their skilled craftsmanship using traditional and modern techniques of the highest quality ranging from the incordonatura of the springs on hempen webbing with natural straw padding, to mounting synthetic elasticated webbing with rubber, foam, dacron or resinated padding; the whole, accompanied by a vast selection of the finest quality modern and traditional fabrics.
In addition to the above, we are also skilled in the art of ‘capitonnè’, an ancient artisan technique performed entirely by hand, and in producing ‘removable’ upholstery which is ideal for a broad variety of items of furniture.
The department includes an upholstery workshop specialising in the production of quality upholstery, from the selection of high quality fabrics and drapes to plumbing the fabrics and centering the design, cutting, sewing and gathering the drapery.
We produce and mount to measure all kinds of curtains and drapery ranging from the monumental and stage kind to modern, glass, panel and rolling kinds. We also produce and supply technical drapery and curtains for blackout, filtering and reflecting uses, for interiors and exteriors of any kind, whether public or private.
The workshop makes a valid contribution to the museum layout and temporary exhibition department thanks to its production and upholstering of project drums for both walls and pannelling with certified fireproof fabrics and padding; in the same context, we also take care of supplying and laying wall-to-wall carpeting and of supplying and installing cordon bollards and museum area boundary markers.
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